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Teresa was told often by her husband, “you’re crazy.  Now, she felt something was really going on. Teresa was afraid to voice her fears. They sounded crazy to her. What would they sound like to a preacher, a friend or relative? She decided to take a chance. Too many people seemed to have given hint after hint. Earlier in her life she could catch hints. Now she couldn’t catch a hint or remember…

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During your first night as a suicide hot-line counselor, you answer the phone to…

During your first night as a suicide hot-line counselor, you answer the phone to…


During your first night as a suicide hot-line counselor, you answer the phone to hear a woman screaming and crying. “My husband says he will be back in thirty minutes. He says, “when I come back, I’m gonna beat you black and blue.” The suicide counsellor allows her to talk without interrupting. Finally, she says, “I’m going…

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Home http://wp.me/s348el-home

UntitledBehind the door

up the stairs

down the hall

there is no silence.

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Run! http://wp.me/s348el-run

I runI run.

To escape from head pain.

To escape from becoming

an ancestor ghost.

I run.

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Ordinary http://wp.me/s348el-ordinary

OrdinaryI am ordinary.

I drink milk for breakfast.

I play Bingo on Monday evening.

On Wednesday night, I go to Prayer meeting.

Are you ordinary too?

Yes, I buy my potatoes from the corner grocer.

I knead and bake my bread.

I weed my marigolds in the morning.

How about you?

Are you ordinary too?

No, I fly to Paris once a month.

I can dance the Tango.

My bed sheets are satin and silk.

I never heard the…

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Can I Trust Anybody?

Can I Trust Anybody?

friendship2I’ve lost trust in Janice. We’ve been friends since the second grade. Now we’re Seniors in high school. She’s never been completely trustworthy. She stole a boyfriend of mine. Once she told a deep dark secret of mine to the whole sixth grade class.  I don’t know why. I forgave her. I believed her each time she said it would never happen again. This time I can’t forgive her. She told all the…

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They Walked Every Day

They Walked Every Day


They walked every day. If he lived another month, it would be a miracle. Not his thoughts, but the words of the doctor who had taken care of him for thirty years. So he knew the right thing to do was to set a goal. Try to find something worthwhile to do before he left this earth to go to Heaven or Hell. While thinking, his eyes…

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On The Road (Fiction)

On The Road (Fiction)

While reading about Abraham this morning, I thought about my life. I am on a faith journey. What else can I call it? I hear no voices guiding me. I see no written notes left on my desk. I don’t smell bananas or apples. The fruit smell would lead me somewhere. I have no compass. So I don’t know in which direction to go:East, West, North, South. I have no map to fold up and put in my car. I only…

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Where? http://wp.me/s348el-where

Is justice a part of our society for all or only for some people?

Is justice a part of our society for all or only for some people?


His past, good or bad, does not matter.

He had the right to walk outside unharmed

and unarmed.

Hands in pockets?

He had the right.

Stood still on a corner?

He had the right.

Laughed loudly?

He had the right.

Where are these old and new

Jim  Crow laws kept?

We must read them before

We stand accused.

In the police chief’s safe?


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The Horse

Horses at sunset

Horses at sunset

The horse and the colt

stand at the white fence

while a golden sunset lies

across their backs like

a golden goblet used by a king

in a fairy tale.

I look out the car window.

I can only wish

There were a cube of sugar

or a carrot in my coat pocket.

The horse watches our car pass

with sadness in her watery, black


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